Scattering Ashes at Sea

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The Maritime Volunteer Service is one of the few official organisations and quite possibly the only uniformed charity that scatters and commits ashes to the sea in the Solent region.

Committing the ashes of a loved one to the sea is a fitting tribute to those who spent a part of their life on or near the water.

A loved one may have been a former member of the Royal or Merchant Navy, a member of the Coastguard or a Lifeboat crew, a fisherman, keen yachts-person, leisure sailor or simply lived by or enjoyed the sea. Many seafarers have links with Portsmouth. Some may have been based here during their time in the Royal Navy, whilst others might have simply enjoyed a days sailing in the Solent.

No two committals are ever the same and we take time to establish the arrangements and requirements for each service. We have experience of many different types of faiths and beliefs.

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